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The Intelligent Trader by O. A. Pozhidaev 

This is a book series that is the perfect starting point for aspiring new traders who are ready to take their skills to up to the professional level.  In the first book: “The Intelligent Trader: Proven Techniques For Winning In The Stock Market”, we take traders through a journey where they learn the basics first, such as how to read price charts or common candlestick patterns. That information is then used as building blocks in order to serve as a foundation of knowledge for much more effective and complex trade setups. Readers will learn specific trade setups (including suggested stop losses and price targets), how those setups work, how to look for them quickly, and how to use them effectively. The trade setups provided in this book have been proven time and time again to produce reliable and consistent profits from the stock market. Topics Covered: The 6 step process to mastering trading – How to read candlestick charts – Bid/Ask spread and order types (including OCO and OTO orders) – Support and resistance – trend lines – Common price chart patterns – Gaps – Trading effectively with RSI – The MACD Indicator – Bollinger Bands – The TICK trade – The Darvas Box – Pivot Points – Squeeze trades – Elliott Wave – Fibonacci Theory – Advanced squeeze trade techniques – Options contracts – Steps to take when you start trading – The 7 piece formula to success – Dividend investing – Why the news is wrong – And much much more!


The Candlestick Bible is the second book in the “The Intelligent Trader” series by Oleg A. Pozhidaev. The Candlestick Bible goes through dozens of different chart patterns and teaches traders what to look for, how to analyze them, and how to place profitable trades using these patterns. The book consists of four main parts which are Trend Line Patterns, Multi-Candle Patterns, Single Candle Patterns, and Useful Indicators. The easy to read format and explanations will allow traders to become proficient in reading price charts and be able to tell where price action is going next at a moment’s notice. This book is a must read for those who wish to understand candlestick patterns and the underlying principles behind the patterns which allow for profitable trades. Towards the end we discuss useful indicators that readers can add to their own trading toolbox. The indicators covered pair extremely well with candlestick technical analysis strategies.The patterns covered in this book include Japanese Candlestick patterns, common patterns such as head and shoulders, hammer candles, the 5 different types of Doji, triangles, channels, pennants and flags, engulfing candles, Belt-Holds, and many other easy to use but powerful setups. We also discuss much rarer and lesser known candlestick patterns which can serve as extremely powerful trade setups such as Tasuki Gaps, Star patterns, and many more. The information covered in the final chapters will detail using momentum based indicators, Fibonacciand Elliott Wave based studies, as well as other powerful trade indicators which allow professional traders to take advantage of the average investor.This book is a must read for those who wish to compete against professional traders and take their skills to the next level.